Kettlebell 365: The Ultimate Kettlebell Exercise Video Library

365 progressive kettlebell exercises for fitness & sport
from basic to ballistic, one day at a time 
365 daily kettlebell exercises: shortcut your way to a long-term fitness triumph.
  • Head Coach
    Nikolai Puchlov
  • Level
    Total Beginner - Advanced
  • Start Date
    Your Call
  • Finish Date
    One Year Later
  • Time Required
    1-5 Minutes/Day (Min)
  • Tools Needed
    One Kettlebell to Start,
    A Matching Pair Eventually
  • Resources
    Video & Written
365 kettlebell exercises for fitness & sport

And You Thought They Were Just for Swinging?

Master the kettlebell in 5-minute increments each day for a year and be stronger for your whole lifetime.

Spend just a few minutes each day learning and practicing fun kettlebell exercises that make your body work better, feel better and look better.

It's not overwhelming. It's not complicated.
 You can do it inside or outside at your office, home or gym.

Just follow the plan.
Open the daily email, watch the video, try the exercise.

Take your daily dose of iron kettlebell style and pull, push, swing, throw, catch and truly enjoy mastering the kettlebell. 

Got 5-minutes per day?

Kettlebell 365: The Ultimate Kettlebell Exercise Library 

Learn a different Pro Kettlebell exercise each day for a year and shortcut your way to long-term kettlebell mastery  

Build Muscle

 Strengthen Your Entire Body
with Pro Kettlebell Exercises

Improve Cardio

Gain Vitality from the Inside Out with Pro Kettlebell Exercises

Increase Mobility

Fortify your Body Against Injury with Pro Kettlebell Exercises

Develop Power

Feel, Move & Live Like an Athlete with Pro Kettlebell Exercises

Pro Kettlebell Daily Exercises

Follow simple instructions and prioritize as little as one minute of your day to learn and practice the kettlebell exercise. It's so easy to succeed, you'd have to purposefully fail.

How It Works:

🏋️A New Kettlebell Exercise Each Day: A daily dose of achievable fitness! We start with simple, single kettlebell movements, and as you progress over the course of the year, we’ll introduce more complex and “double” kettlebell exercises to add to your catalog. Yes, it's 365 DIFFERENT kettlebell exercises! 

📱 Digital Checklist: It's as easy as checking your email, and/or seamlessly track the program and your progress on this page after you've joined, where your easy-to-follow online checklist will appear. 

🎥 Instructional Videos: Each day offers a short instructional video for the exercise, guiding you on proper form.

📋 Kettlebell Exercise RX: A clear prescription for each exercise, detailing the recommended repetitions, sets, or duration to perform the exercise, according to your fitness level.  For some people, just one rep will be 100% more than they'd do otherwise and is great. For the athletically gifted, we'll offer challenging "extra credit."   

🔄 Basic Modifications: Tailor the kettlebell challenge to your fitness level with simple modifications, ensuring accessibility for everyone.
The RIght Tool for the Job makes the difference between work and play


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The innovative design of a Pro Kettlebell allows you to comfortably hold it two-handed, single-handed, right-side up, upside down, and sideways, facilitating a wider variety of exercises... it's thanks to the design that we can offer 365 different kettlebell exercises! No other kettlebell helps you like a Pro Kettlebell.
But Why a Kettlebell Exercise Challenge?

Because without consistency, you can’t get through a week of exercises, much less a year. The key to consistency is the winning combination of quick results and enjoyment that you'll get with a kettlebell challenge rather than a boring bodyweight one.

  • Quick Wins: Kettlebell exercise makes for fast results - you’ll feel stronger and notice improved mobility almost immediately.

  • Enjoyment: Kettlebell exercises are fun! They offer the most versatility of any resistance tool or weight. You can swing them, push them, pull them, carry them, throw them, and catch them.

These carefully curated exercises engage your entire body throughout the week, stimulating your
nervous system, enhancing your mood, improving sleep quality, boosting your energy levels, and motivating you to become even more active.

Make Your Habits Meaningful

Every day, we mindlessly eat, sleep, walk and talk.

With Kettlebell 365, a tiny kettlebell challenge of one exercise each day becomes just as natural and habitual. Embrace the power of small, consistent efforts, and watch as they lead to significant fitness achievements.

This isn't just a kettlebell challenge – it's an easy but life-changing experience. Go on the journey with Kettlebell 365, and next year, you’ll be describing yourself in a totally new way.

Make This Year Yours with Kettlebell 365!